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Monday, April 12, 2010

How can social media help you generate revenue for your business?

We are all in business to generate profit regardless of what type of business we are in. We want to make money and we do that by creating buzz for our business. The face of marketing is changing, and we as business owners and marketers need to be able to change with those trends. What this generally means is that we have to create more awareness for our customers. Connect with them on their terms in their venues.

In order to create more revenue for your organization you have to sell more goods or services by growing your customer base. Selling, educating, promoting and advertising what your business does is crucial to the success of your bottom line.

Start by creating an innovative product or service. Create something customers need with a remarkable twist. For example, Insite Motion is a graphic design company, and when they create a new project they start by examining the marketing team’s long term goals. This allows the company to nurture and grow their graphic design and websites based on time and their future needs rather than just creating an expense.

These simple steps will help you generate revenue using social media
  1. Decide which social media sites you want to be involved in
  2. Define your position on social networks, i.e., who you are, location, and products or services
  3. Define how your service will solve people’s problems
  4. Suggest compelling reasons for people to use your products or services
Remember you are marketing to the masses not trying to sell to them.

How well do you know your inner circle?

Stop and think for a minute about all of the stakeholders in your business; from your customers, to vendors, suppliers, investors, co-workers, prospective customers, friends and family. All of these people are here as a collaboration tool for you to create your next innovative idea.
  1. Start by creating a social media checklist to determine you’re positioning.
  2. Define your company’s brand position
  3. Determine the tactics you are going to use, e.g., blogging, Twitter, Facebook,
  4. Evaluate each tool based on its individual benefits to your organization
  5. Make sure you have something valuable to say
  6. Add a “connect with us” button on your website to help generate traffic
  7. Lastly, after the first month hire a firm to do a social media SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Remember the Field of Dreams movie...

“Build it and they will come.” No they really don’t come unless you invite them… So how do you get your Twitter followers to follow you? I am so glad you asked. Here’s a step by step blog to give your social media a power boost.

  1. Set up a Gmail account for your business… while you’re at it add analytics but we will get to that later in Insite Motion’s blog.
  2. Export all of your contacts in a CSV file.
  3. Import the CSV file into your new Gmail account.
  4. Now go to Twitter your Twitter that is and go to “Find People”.
  5. Click the “Find Friends” tab.
  6. Select “Gmail”.
  7. Import your contacts and follow those who have a Twitter account those who do not will get an email inviting them.

Now if you have any questions please feel free to visit my website at or follow Smart Media Cloud on Facebook, Twitter or Blogger.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blogging Demystified

Let’s start with the are reading this blog so you are obliviously searching for information on the web, along with the masses. Now you can clearly see the importance of having a voice online, whether it’s for your company, your employees, or your own individuality.

Writing a good blog can be a challenge. I recommend having an interesting topic. A headline that grabs your reader’s attention, captivates their every thought, intrigues their wants, needs, and desires. People crave knowledge which is what made the internet what it is today. So communicate what you know to the masses and in turn you will be building relationships that will help your business grow exponentially. Always remember, basing your organizational strategies on customer feedback is the key to success.

5 Simple Rules of Engagement
  • Write about what you know and make it interesting
  • Be human, be authentic, and be honest
  • Have one voice (personality) for your company
  • Do not try to sell the reader anything, recommend
  • Link back to other blogs or your website


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